EMT Orientation Sessions
It is mandatory for incoming new students to the program to attend an EMT orientation before classes start.

To check class availability please visit: my.maricopa.edu.

*First Name: Middle Initial: *Last Name:
*Address: *City: *State: *Zip Code:
*I will be a: *Birth Date (ex. 01/01/1990): *Phone: *Email:
*Primary Goal: MEID What is an MEID?: Major

 SessionDescriptionDateTimeLocationSeats Available
 98EMT Oriention8/9/166:00 pm - 7:30 pmWilliams Baylor 17017 out of 24
 99EMT Orientation8/16/166:00 pm - 7:30 pmWilliams Baylor 1702 out of 24


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